3 to 9 minute Yoga Set (Kriya) for People In Anxiety

Experiencing anxiety can be scary. You might think it will never end, I will always feel this. In my experience life has a way of coming and going – the natural law of ebb and flow. My episodes of anxiety at first were frightening. I thought they would last forever, and the more I got freaked out during an attack the worst it felt.

When I realized nothing bad was going to happen to me during a moment of anxiety and it wouldn’t last forever, I was able to be calmer. Meditation has taught me that nothing is permanent, it enabled me to not be hijacked by the feelings, thoughts and emotions but now I can sit and observe them.

Through yoga I have reduced my anxiety. moments. At times I experience none. But when they do return I see it as a sign I need to do something, get active with my health.

Kriya for People In Anxiety
To begin this mediation please find a comfortable seated posture either in a chair or on the floor cross legged.

  1. Bring your hands into prayer pose in front of the chest. Then move the hands downward with fingers pointing away from the body and then back up again to the original position. This is a fast, shaking motion. Imagine you are chopping something. You can use your imagination.  During this movement stay with long deep breathing through the nose.
    Time: 1 – 3 Minutes
  2. Still seated. Now extend your arms forward, bending the arms at the elbow.  Keep the elbows in close to the body, upper arms extend somewhat beyond the shoulder, palms are open and facing the body. Begin bringing the hands in toward the body and then back out again.  The movement is about 12 inches.  Form a circle with the mouth and breathe in and out rapidly through the mouth.
    Time: 1 – 3 Minutes
  3. This is the same as exercise 1., only breathe rapidly in an out through the mouth as in exercise 2.
    Time: 1-3 Minutes

I suggest trying this kundalini Yoga Set for a few days. Positive physical and mental effects of a yoga practice are cumulative. So, the more you practice, the more you will benefit.

Also, from a Shamanic healing perceptive anxiety is a symptom and there’s a underlying root cause. Are you ready to make the steps towards healing and heal the root cause of your anxiety?  It would be an honour for me to work with you on this healing at Fearless Soul HealingBook your session today!

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