My Story

Hi my name is Jennifer Jasvinder Malisauskas. It’s so nice of you to visit my site. I’m a mom of two, a Shamanic Healer, a Kundalini yoga & meditation teacher and a life coach. I’m a proud graduate of The 8th Fire School of Shamanism’s “Earning the Light” (professional Spiritual & Energy Healing) program.

I’m a great listener. Helping people is my calling. I create a safe, compassionate and caring space for people to share, let go, learn and heal so they can evolve into who they are meant to be.

Why I do what I do?

I know what fear is like, I’ve been there and even at times still go there. I will admit I am not perfect but my life is so much better than it used to be. This is why I am a healer, I wish to help others like me.

“My story, my stuff” used to rule my life. Like many people I too experienced a few painful & wounding events when I was young but as I got older I believed they were all in my past. I thought since they were in the past I had moved on from them and there was nothing to heal. Funny thing though, I came to discover that these past hurts were still very much alive in my present life. I just hide them very well.  When I started looking closer at my patterns, beliefs and actions, or non-actions, I realized that I formed them from these wounds. I did it out of love because I wanted to make sure they would never happen to me again, I was afraid, I didn’t want to feel that hurt and pain ever. It all came down to fear.

But what really happened was the exact opposite. I ended up putting myself in a box, living a half-ass-life in fear. When I started my self-discovery and healing journey what I found underneath “my cover up” was surprising. I was someone who thought they were not good enough; jealous & envious of others success; afraid of making a mistake or failing; wore a mask to hide my true feelings; unresolved emotions like anger and sadness; floated through life without purpose; lived a lot in my head to escape and was afraid to open up or let people get close. How could I not have seen all this? Well remember I was protecting myself so I had to keep the unhealthy side-effects of my stay safe plan hidden.

Wow it was mind blowing! I limited my life so much. My situation all began to make sense now, how this plan to keep me safe was the reason I was struggling financially, I had low self-worth, I didn’t have many close friends, I was unable to trust myself and others; I avoided things that I would fail at. I always thought my problems were outside me, I was a victim of circumstances. But I no longer believe this.

I realized this old plan was no longer working for me, so I decided I had to become a fearless soul. One who learns and finds the teachings from these so called negative events. I could no longer see myself as a victim. I had to face my fears and take my life back. I did have control of my circumstances. I was in charge of my destiny. I’ve learned, evolved and healed a lot on my journey. I’ve changed many of my stories, I now take more risks, I am able to be vulnerable, I’ve created many meaningful relationships, I face the things that used to scared me. I am worth it.

I gained and acquired many tools that have helped me get to where I am so today. I am confident that I too can help others like myself. I love working and sharing my gifts, talents, techniques, yoga and shamanism with others who have experienced the same struggles as me so they too can start living a more joyful, present, alive and fearless life.

My healing experience

I’ve always struggled with an active mind. As long as I can remember I have lived in my head being, often labeled as a day dreamer. Looking back on my youth I didn’t lived very much in the present moment. I was always somewhere else. I didn’t feel connected to everyday life and the events happening around me.

Why did I retreat and withdraw? I realized it was a protective mechanism to run from past wounds. It was safer to go inward and escape so I wouldn’t get hurt again. When thinking about the past I sometimes can’t remember much of it. It’s like a walked around in a cloud. Unfortunately what I believed at the time was going to keep me safe from getting hurt again was actually making things worse.

I went on like this for years. So out of tune with myself. So caught up in victimhood and fear.

Absorbed by my thoughts I was distracted all the time. Being so much in my head made me so tired that it was difficult for me to focus, even with my owns kids. My mind become so involved and overwhelmed with running my business, worrying about money, etc that I found I had no energy for my kids and husband.

I can still remember the day I took my first yoga class. It was the day I realized how disconnected I was to my body, my breathing, too everyone and everything around me. I thought wow I’ve been just drifted through life. All those years of day dreaming, obsessed with my work, and money took a toll on my well-being and health. By my late thirties I began waking up in the middle of the night from anxiety, during the day I was so consumed by thoughts of worry and doubt that I started to suffer from chest pains and periods of depression. I just wanted to be alone, lay in bed and sleep all the time, I was super stressed out!

Then one day I thought, Jen! Get up and do something! So I went back to yoga more full time, I took a yoga teacher training. It helped. Then I was drawn towards the healing arts first through Reiki and more recently with Shamanism. So today I feel very blessed and grateful that I discovered a holistic path. If I didn’t have my alternative healing tools, like Shamanism, Yoga and Reiki. I can’t imagine where my heath would be today.

When I began incorporating alternative healing and yogic tools such as energy healing, journeying, ceremony, deep breathing, meditation and movement into my daily life I begin to see big shifts.  I discovered and healed the roots causes for my issues around fear, betrayal, abandonment, rejection and self-worth. I now feel more balanced than I ever have because I’m conscious enough to keep working towards being a better person.

When we heal on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level we call this Medicine Wheel Healing. Healing even just one of the levels effects all the others. This approach has allowed me to alleviate pain, build a stronger mind, create emotional balance and I finally feel connected with life and myself.

I am not perfection, I don’t always have it all together and I am totally not healed. But that’s OK. What’s important to me is I keep working on myself, working for my healed outcome. I look forward to my next healing evolution.

My Trainings

Professional 2-Year Shamanism (Medicine Work) Training Program 2015 – 2017
The 8th Fire, Ottawa, ON

Teacher: Algonquin Medicine Man (Pete Bernard)

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training 2016
Rama Lotus Yoga Center, Ottawa, ON

Teacher: Brendon Abram, Dr Bob King, and Kellie Dearman

Life Coach 2015
Certified Coaches federation, Ottawa, ON

Teacher: Patrick Mathieu

Sat Nam Rasayan® (Level 2) 2014
Mount Shasta Retreat, McCloud, California
Teacher: Guru Dev Singh

Reiki Certificate (138h) 2009 – 2013
NHC Institute, Montreal, Qc
Unfortunately this School closed in 2012
Level I and II 2008 – 2009
Level III 2010
Teacher: Ramya Memmi

Yin Yoga Workshop (11h), 2011
Rama Lotus Yoga Centre, Ottawa, ON
Teacher: Biff Mithoefer

Focusing (27h), 2009
NHC Institute, Montreal, Qc
Unfortunately this School closed in 2012
Teachers: Chiara Borrello and Ian Liversuch

Restorative Yoga & Healthy Menstrual Cycle Teacher Training (20h), 2008
Joy of Yoga Studio, Montreal, Qc
Teacher: Kelly McGrath

The Khalsa Way® Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training (60h), 2007
Golden Bridge Yoga NYC, New York
Teacher: Gurmukh Kaur

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (200h), 2006
Equilbrium Yoga Center, Montreal, Qc
Teacher: Shabad Saroop Singh


Your healing was so powerful and the guidance was exactly what I needed to hear. I have been taking it to heart and working on implementing it. Thank you for your help!
~ NR, Ottawa Ontario

Sat Nam Jasvinder, Thank you so very much for guiding me on this journey. With love and gratitude.
~ Agia Pal Kaur, Ottawa Ontario

Thank you for the session. It was helpful. I didn’t figure out my animal totem but I think I am figuring a few other things out. I’ll come back for sure.
~ Debbi, Ottawa, Ontario

I have experienced healing ceremonies facilitated by Jennifer by distance. She is highly intuitive and can find what needs healing without me telling her. If you have physical or emotional pain and want to heal its source, I highly recommend a session with Jennifer.
~ Tania Frechette, Ottawa, Ontario

What I love doing in my free time :

  • Being with my family
  • Hiking and camping
  • Gardening and letting weeds grow
  • Singing out loud while driving
  • Dancing in my kitchen
  • Curling up in a corner to read, most probably something by Jane Austen.
  • Watching any British made mystery show
  • Playing with my cats

More About Me

I have been practicing yoga since 1998.  I am a 200hr certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. I am trained in Kundalini Prenatal Yoga, Restorative and Yin Yoga. I have been an Alternative Healer since 2009. I am training in the arts of Shamanic Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine with Algonquin Medicine Man, Reik with Ramya Memmi and Level 2 Sat Nam Rasayan®  with Guru Dev Singh

In 2004 I launched an awesome website called Yoga Directory Canada (YDC), which as become Canada’s largest online yoga directory. YDC is a grassroots, community-based Canadian yoga directory established to serve the Canadian yoga community. It provides an ideal way for yoga enthusiasts to locate yoga teachers, classes, studios, events, workshops, retreats and products from across the Country all on one great site!

My yogic path began in 1998 while living in NYC. My first yoga class was Integral yoga . After returning to Montreal in 1999 I immediately began to explore different yoga styles. My practice broadened over the years to include styles such as Ashtanga with Mark Darby and Kripalu yoga with Kelly McGrath. It was my keen interest in the transformational powers of breath work (pranayama) and chanting (mantra) that brought me to my first Kundalini yoga class. The power of this style immediately sparked my interest to complete the Master’s Touch Level 1 200hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s training in 2006 at Equilibrium . I have since been involved in teaching Kundalini yoga and at various yoga studios in Montreal and Ottawa.

Being a mother of two allows me to witness daily the benefits that yoga brings to my family life. It gives me patience and grace; strength; inspiration and creativity to flow through the ups and downs for being a parent.

I was because of my committed gentle yoga practice throughout my pregnancies that I was able to give birth naturally with power and grace. I have to say that my birth experiences are positively the most sacred and beautiful experiences I have had to date. Experiencing first hand the rewards of yoga during pregnancy motivated me to complete a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in 2007. I knew it was my mission to help mothers-to-be discover a deeper sense of peace and harmony within during this special time in a woman’s life.

The effects of stress have taken it toll on me these last few year caused bu being self-employed for last 13 years (web/graphic designer who sits at computer a good part of the day) , plus the most recent financial pressure of owning a home. These two things have resulted in extra stress, effecting my sleep and showing up in my body as menstrual imbalances, such as PMS and emotional lows. But I was prepared. All my yogic knowledge has come in handy to keep me in balance, improved my sleep and eased my PMS and improved my mood. So if it wasn’t for yoga and Reiki I can’t imagine what state my health would be in now, probably my biggest fear, causing major heart problems resulting in dying of a heart attack like my grandmother and father.

People say it’s my presence and grace that keeps them coming back to my classes and healing sessions.  I feel truly blessed to be a yoga teacher and an alternative healer, giving me the opportunity to create a warm and inviting space where students can be themselves, learn to relaxed and feel renewed. Find your inner peace and personal healing with Yoga and Healing Arts.

Sat Nam and Chi Meegwetch
jennifer Jasvinder Malisauskas

(Sat Nam means Truth is my identity and I call upon the eternal Truth that resides in all of us. Chi Meegwetch is the Algonquin word for Thank You).