How Invested Are You?

Even though one of my businesses has been struggling financially more than ever recently I still trudge on hoping things will change, things will get better, the money will start coming in.  It got me thinking, is this a sign that I should let it go, move on, do something else? Well the minute I had this thought my physical body reacted with an uncomfortable tightness in my stomach. My mind started to speak up too … “how could I? I’ve spend years at it, dedicated 1000s of hours of my time and energy building it. I can’t quit!”

Holy shit, I realized I am invested! You might be thinking, how can investing in something be a bad thing. Well ask yourself, what happens when we keep investing in things that are not good for us, like an unhealthy relationship, business, job and even a physical issue. Does one of these situations sound familiar? Even though, there is a side of you that knows things are no longer working but you still stay in place. Maybe for some reason unknown or perhaps known to you, you find it hard to let go, leave, quit, or do something to change things. You feel stuck, right! You struggle with indecision.

So why don’t we change are our situations? Well there can be many factors but one of the big reasons I believe is because we are too invested! When you thought about changing things did you hear that  inner voice say “How can I leave we’ve been together all these years, we’ve got children to consider, I’ve spent years working towards my career and I finally made it, I’ve put all I have towards this business, my job’s not great but I make good money, etc.”

So ya you’ve put in the time, I get that. We all can hope that things will change, get better but be honest are they? Are you staying in your situation because it’s easier, because it’s comfortable, because you feel like you don’t deserve better? Are you afraid of hurting and disappointing others, to look like a failure, a quitter, or if you let it go you wonder who will you be without it?

But I want you to ask yourself this, who are you if you stay, what will happen to you if you keep investing your time and energy into dead ends, unhealthy relationships, unsatisfying jobs, physical draining issues?

Investing in issues, things and people who do not serve us, support us, accept and love us are part of our belief & value system. But what if our beliefs and values have been molded around a wound caused by abandonment, rejection, betrayal and low self-worth? If they weren’t healed back then it is these wound patterns that are still controlling our lives. These patterns may keep us in a safe place avoid of getting hurt again but we are living a half life.

When we explore the underlying root cause of these wounds, discover our patterns we can heal them for good. No longer carrying that heavy baggage of our past we can move forward, get unstuck. 

Investing can equal happiness. We just need to switch our focus.  How about if we started to invest in healthier people and things, dropped our stories, or perhaps sticking with what we have but invest our time and energy in them differently.

Are you ready to make the steps towards healing the root cause, finding new solutions to your unhealthy investing?  It would be an honour for me to work with you on this healing at Fearless Soul HealingBook your session today!


Note: Jasvinder Yoga and Jennifer Malisauskas do not provide diagnoses, medical or psychological services. Please contact your healthcare provider for those services.