Kundalini Snow Yoga

Just finished shoveling my driveway. Wow did a lot of snow land on Ottawa last night!

For the love of snow! and more is coming! but have no fear these kundalini moves are here!

Try these kundalini yoga movements to relieve and relax the muscles in your lower back and side body that get such a good workout from lifting all that snow.

As you can see I did then outside right after I finished move all my snow. The cold fresh air felt great!



SIDE (Snow) BENDS: Come standing with your legs wide apart, arms parallel to the floor and palms down, exhale as you bend to the side from the waist, letting right arm come down the right side as the left arm comes up. Inhale as you come back to the center, exhale as you stretch down the left side. continue gently bending to each side on the exhale.

STANDING TORSO TWISTS (Twist and Snow): Stay standing. Twist the torso and arms all the way to the left as you inhale, then twist on around to the right as you exhale. Continue gentle twisting always keeping the arms in a straight line with each other.

Time: Continue each for 1 to 3 minutes.



Sat Nam & Happy Holidays!