Healing of & Protection against Sorcery

When negative thoughts, words, actions, intentions and un-intentions are directed at us they have a direct affect or impact on our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

What is Sorcery?

Shamanism views Sorcery as Bad Medicine. It is when a person imposes their will on to someone and/or abusing power. Doing anything to someone without their permission and consent is sorcery.

Due to this definition, everyone is a sorcerer. We all do it, have done it, and the awareness of what sorcery is and how it is done will help us to stop doing it.

Common forms of Sorcery

  • Gossip and speaking ill of another
  • Wishing Ill of another
  • Activating Karma (“They’ll get theirs”)
  • Thinking negative thoughts of another
  • Having strong negative emotions towards another
  • Interfering in another person life
  • Self-Sorcery (harming yourself)
Shamanic approach for protection from sorcery

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Shamanic Ceremonies and Energy Medicine provide many ways to heal and protect ourselves from Sorcery and Self-Sorcery.

  • Journey to meet your Inner Sorcery and heal it.
  • Be surrounded by Protection Energy so you will feel safe, protected and secure.
  • Undo and heal the harm that you may have caused through sorcery.
  • Detect, track and heal any and all sorcery that may be directed at you.
  • Journey to meet your Ancient One –  a powerful being who will act as your guardian against Dark forces.
  • Clear away Bindings – crystallized energy that’s bound to the body which was created by Sorcery.
  • Strengthen your Energetic Immune System from sorcery.
  • Cord Cutting to extract a toxic energetic connection you have with a particular person.
  • Smudging and Space Clearing (residential, commercial, owned or rented) from imprints of people, events pass, spirits of people passed and/or entities.