Healing of & Protection against Sorcery

Feel Safe in your Space

What is Sorcery?

Shamanism views Sorcery as Bad Medicine. It is when a person imposes their will on to someone and/or abusing power. Doing anything to someone without their permission and consent is sorcery.

Due to this definition, everyone is a sorcerer. We all do it, have done it, and the awareness of what sorcery is and how it is done will help us to stop doing it.

Our thoughts, words, actions, intentions, and un-intentions all have a direct affect or impact on the world around us to some degree.

Common forms of Sorcery

  • Gossip and speaking ill of another
  • Wishing Ill of another
  • Activating Karma (“They’ll get theirs”)
  • Thinking negative thoughts of another
  • Having strong negative emotions towards another
  • Interfering in another person life
  • Self-Sorcery (harming yourself)

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There are many ways we can heal and protect ourselves from Sorcery and Self-Sorcery.

  • Journey to meet your Inner Sorcery and heal it.
  • Be surrounded by Protection Energy so you will feel safe, protected and secure.
  • Undo and heal the harm that you may have caused through sorcery.
  • Detect, track and heal any and all sorcery that may be directed at you.
  • Journey to meet your Ancient One –  a powerful being who will act as your guardian against Dark forces.
  • Clear away Bindings – crystallized energy that’s bound to the body which was created by Sorcery.
  • Strengthen your Energetic Immune System from sorcery.
  • Cord Cutting to extract a toxic energetic connection you have with a particular person.
  • Smudging and Space Clearing (residential, commercial, owned or rented) from imprints of people, events pass, spirits of people passed and/or entities.