Space Clearings

Deep Shamanic Smudging Ceremony

A Space Clearing Smudging Ceremony releases stagnant energy, clears negative energy from your living and working spaces.

A space clearing instills a sense of peace, joy and vitality into your home or office. When a space has a “good vibe” we are more productive & creative, it has a positive effect on our relationships and health, as well it enhances our ability to manifest the things you want in our personal and/or professional life.

Over time a space can get contaminated by negative energy, past events, imprints of peoples emotional discord. This energy or consciousness are projected into our space, furniture, walls, floors, objects etc. Often, this has occur before you even took ownership of your home or office space.  It can be a factor to why your property is taking so long to sell. As well,  some spaces have unwanted visitors like spirits of people passed and/or entities. Their presence can make children, sensitive people and pets feel very uncomfortable, for instance problems sleeping and feeling unsafe.

How it works?

I offer an in depth and deep energetic clearing of your space from the ground up that will lift and transform negative energies, remove any unwanted visitors, program your spaces for positive conditions such as creativity, joy, love, happiness, success and good health.

With your permission and consent I will come to your home to perform the Space Clearing Ceremony. We will meet at your home or office. We will discuss any and all concerns you have about your space. I will do a walk through to get a sense/feeling about your space. Once ready I will begin the clearing.

A Space Clearing involves opening Sacred Space, smudging (burning) of the 4 Sacred Plant Medicines (sage, cedar, tobacco and sweetgrass), use of Great Fire Healing, and the protective presence of my Gatekeeper, Ancient Protectors, the Algonquin Ancestors & Spirit of Wolf.

Our space is feeling better; lighter, calmer, more grounded. I’m really pleased, and still in awe a bit of how much things have shifted.

Meghan DeSouza BA, RAc
Meghan DeSouza BA, RAcAcupuncturist & Owner of In Balance Acupuncture & Health Centre

My Rates

My formal space clearing uses shamanic medicine work, smudging and plant healing medicines for an average 2 storey 1800 sq ft home or average 1 floor 800-1000 sq ft Office within Ottawa city limits.

Your Investment

Office Space Clearing: $150*
Home Space Clearing: $225*

While I’ll be at your space consider adding a energy balancing/clearing session for yourself: $100

* Please contact me directly to discuss your specific situation as additional time may be required on site and the size of your space. ($40 for each additional half-hour on site)


Do you have a funny, negative, uncomfortable feeling about a particular room or rooms in your home or office? Did you know that spaces, walls, floors and objects can contain imprints of people, past events, spirits of people passed and/or entities.

Book me to come to your premises for a Space Clearing to remove negative energy from your space for a fresh start in your present or new home or office.

Some ideal (or necessary) times to do a Space Clearing

  • When you’ve moved into a new living space.
  • To any negative energy in your office space, ie disgruntled employees.
  • Just purchased a new home or office building.
  • Want to sell your home. Please read this excellent article on how to energetically sell your home.
  • Before and after a guest visits.
  • After traumatic events, such as long period of fighting, divorce or any illness.
  • To ascend any Spirits or Beings who have passes away.

Some more Great Articles about the Benefits of Smudging

Call or email me to book a space clearing or with any questions you may have.
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Ottawa Space Clearing 4 Plant Medicines

The 4 Plant Medicines

  • Sage: Used to cleanse, ridding a space of negative energy
  • Cedar: Used to purify a space.
  • Tobacco: Presented as an offering or gift
  • Sweetgrass: Replaces the negative energy we remove with good energy