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Shamanic Medicine Work | Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Healing | Energy Work with Jennifer Malisauskas

Learn more about the types of Shamanic Medicine Work and Energy Healing that I use to help you overcome your fears and transform your emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

Shamanic Healing Medicine Work with Jennifer Malisauskas in Ottawa

Energy Healing, Clearing and Protection

The simply laying on of hands can be very therapeutic, relaxing and healing.

Heal the energetic bodies, healing of the Chakras, Aura, and Total energy System. So you will feel lighter.

I am trained and offer these Energy Healing Arts

  • Great Fire and Reiki.
  • Magnetic & Gravity Healing Forces.
  • Web of Light which optimizes your gridlines with that of the Planet’s (Mother Earth’s)
  • Aura Clearing & Chakra balancing.
  • 12 Strand DNA Activation.
  • Extraction and removal of Entities (Spirit & Energetic).
  • Removal of Crystallized Energy and Bindings.
  • Protection and Healing from Sorcery and Self-Sorcery.
  • Space Clearing – the removal of negative energy from your residential or commercial space.
  • and more.

Shamanic Journeys and Ceremonies

Journeying is the ability to enter into the Sacred Divine, or non-ordinary reality, via a shamanic trance state for the intents and purposes of obtaining information and healing.

When we leave behind the world we see into the world of the invisible, unseen and unknown we gather and experience information that is will help us understand, heal and evolve our issue.

There are Journeys to

  • Identify and heal core issues
  • Get parts of yourself back you feel that you lost.
  • Heal your addictions by learning about your needs and “how” your needs are meet.
  • Healing self-sabotage, abusive parts of yourself
  • Power Retrieval Journey to  get your power back.
  • Past Life Journeys to heal the persons we once were.
  • and more.

Readings and Guidance

The reasons one may wish for a reading or guidance session is to seek answers, gain insight and wisdom.

Perhaps you wish to learn why you came into this life and what you came here to do. Finding your destiny and getting direction.

We can do this through a few different methods

  • Meet and converse with your guides, such as Animal Totems, Spirit Guide, and Higher Self.
  • Journey to meet the different versions of yourself that live in the alternate realities of SpaceTime.
  • Visit the Astral plane to interact with Enlightened Masters, Angels and other healing or inspirational beings.
  • Meet an Ancestor to resolve things, heal, seek reassurance and to simply connect.
  • An Akashic Records (Web of Life) Reading.


Have you stopped living, Loving or Trusting? Shut down or withdraw? Become invisible? Live in pain or suffering? See yourself as a victim?

I work with people who feel stuck in their life. Are you still living in the past? Want to move on but can’t let go, separate yourself from your story? Are you afraid of getting hurt again? Do you have trust issues, self-doubt, feel lost? Are you making excuses not to fully live your life?

I too have been there and sometimes still am. Because of my past wounds I couldn’t trust, I shut down and withdraw. I thought becoming invisible would make to safe? So I know how hard it can be to face one’s fears, to get back out there when one’s been hurt, to forgive others and to begin living on the other side of one’s wounds.

It is through my Shamanic training and practice that I was able to face and heal my big wounds, fears,  self-doubts, hurts, anger and my sense of feeling alone. I’ve learned the importance of forgiveness. True healing came when I began doing the things that I have been avoiding, running away from. It has been challenging and uncomfortable at times but when I started making the effort to heal my past my life began to changed. I discovered self-worth. Damn! I am worth it and I am special. I owed it to myself to be the best version of me. I am proof this stuff works!!!

If any of this sounds and feels familiar. You found the right place. I can help you too become a Fearless Soul like me!


Are you thinking?

  • I’m not intuitive enough for this kind of healing
  • I must do more healing before I come see you
  • I don’t see or feel energy
  • I can’t afford it

You don’t have to have any of these to benefit from a session with me. If money’s an issue, we can always work something out!

All you need is to be open and want to move forward. You can learn to turn your wounds into places of great transformation power and learn to live the life you were meant to live, and do what it is you came here to do.

You can Benefit from a session

  • Are you still carrying past experiences knowing or unknowingly?
  • Still carrying wounds/trauma from a life-changing event be it from childhood, a divorce, a break-up, loss or an accident?
  • Feeling overpowered by your emotions? Unfocused?
  • A target of a sorcery
  • Are you attracting the WRONG people, situations & events into your life.
  • Do you stop living? Loving? Trusting? Shut down or withdraw? Become invisible? Live in pain or suffering?

As a Healer it’s my goal to provide a warm and friendly space for you to learn what needs to go, shift or change in your life so you can live the life you want.

With just a few sessions you can START seeing results:

  • Begin living on the other side of your bad experience.
  • Attracting better things into your life.
  • Develop more awareness of your patterns and themes.
  • No longer live your life on auto-pilot or reactive mode.
  • Make better decisions and choices.
  • Just the name a few side effects  🙂


An in-person or remote Session

My 90 minute sessions will be tailored to you. Plenty of time to discuss your personal needs and a suggested course of action that will be best for your unique situation and goals.

A session will involve tracking, energy healing and Shamanic journeys, using what’s best at the time to bring about personal discovery, change and healing.

How do I Book a 90 minute session?

You can book a single session anytime. Visit my Prices and Packages page for my rates and schedule.

Call or email me to book an appointment or with any questions you may have.
613.523.3856 / info@jasvinderyoga.com.

Jasvinder Yoga and Jennifer Malisauskas do not provide diagnoses, medical or psychological services. Please contact your healthcare provider for those services.

photo © Jennifer Malisauskas – Dream Catcher made by my husband as a birthday present for me in 2014.