What my clients are saying about my work

Tracy Jenks Wilson

I recently had a healing session with Jennifer Malisauskas, and it was absolutely amazing. I was looking to move forward from a traumatic event from 20+ years ago, and when I learned more about her work, I knew it was the modality for me. Great experience!

Tracy Jenks WilsonPassion Diva ~ Certified Sex Coach * Talk-only Coachingtracypassiondiva.com
Meghan DeSouza BA, RAc

Our space is feeling better; lighter, calmer, more grounded. I’m really pleased, and still in awe a bit of how much things have shifted.

Meghan DeSouza BA, RAcAcupuncturist & Owner of In Balance Acupuncture & Health Centre www.inbalanceottawa.com
Tania Frechette

I have experienced healing ceremonies facilitated by Jennifer by distance. She is highly intuitive and can find what needs healing without me telling her. If you have physical or emotional pain and want to heal its source, I highly recommend a session with Jennifer.

Tania FrechetteTania Frechette Creative ~ Ottawa Graphic Web Designertaniafrechette.com
Diane Meherbani Desrochers

Putting yourself in the hands of Jasvinder during a healing session let’s you melt into the trust of the Divine. With her gentle, thoughtful, insightful approach you can heal and release what needs to be so. What a blessing.

Diane Meherbani DesrochersOttawa Kundalini Yoga Teacherwww.meherbaniyoga.com

Your healing was so powerful and the guidance was exactly what I needed to hear. I have been taking it to heart and working on implementing it. Thank you for your help!

NROttawa, Ontario

Thank you for the session. It was helpful. I didn’t figure out my animal totem but I think I am figuring a few other things out. I’ll come back for sure.

DebbiOttawa, Ontario

A healing session with Jennifer is sublime and entrancing! This ethereal healer has a special and intuitive gift that am blessed to have experienced. I left (reluctantly) calm, peaceful, enlightened as well as exalted and renewed. Having had such an extraordinary experience I enrolled in one of her Jennifer’s yoga class and found it to be as equally amazing!. You shall feel blessed, as I have,to have found this wonderful graceful healer/yoga teacher/life coach.

Liz DrouinOttawa, Ontario

Jasvinder’s dedication to the pursuit of healing others through the use of alternative methods such as reiki and shamanism is unwavering.  She is both personable and professional and provides a relaxed comfortable setting.

Sally MillerOttawa, Ontario

Sat Nam Jasvinder, Thank you so very much for guiding me on this journey. With love and gratitude.

Agia Pal KaurOttawa, Ontario

The energy healing sessions I have had with Jasvinder (Jennifer) help to lighten the load! Life throws so much at us — sometimes we just need to sweep out the cobwebs and let the sunshine in.  Reiki and shamanic healing helped me feel lighter and brighter.

Kamal PremOttawa, Ontario

Jennifer is a great listener who is focused and attentive. She has a very calming, relaxing, healing presence.

EmileOttawa, Ontario

My experience with the session was most positive. Firstly the choice of the rock was very telling as I finally picked the only stone that I wasn’t choosing until the healer asked me if that was my final choice probably sensing what I most needed. And she was right.

Jennifer is a neighbour and it could have been intimidating however she was most respectful and non-intrusive which I appreciated.

The experience was most surprising in its effect and journey I did in such a short time.  The resistance I felt in my body was exactly where the healer sensed it and concentrated the release of blockage.

In my visualization I wasn’t grounded only being able to set my tree roots at near earth surface more or less but found a place where I felt myself well and finding peace in nature.  At the end of the session the earth was much more moist and I could dig my roots in the earth and found myself in action moving through the scene and going further enjoying various places of nature namely the river. I was more in peace and calm with myself, my feeling of /spirit able to be uplifted to the top of tall trees through which the sun shone and brought a warm wonder well-being feeling.

In terms of my question at the beginning, the answer was change effecting not only in perception of but also as my response to the issue, in fact it was a complete 360 turn around which to this day is vivid in my mind and helpful in many instances.  I had gone through psychological therapy/counselling  a number of times and even though I learned and was helped, it was never as quickly, vivid and meaningful for me as this session was on the one point.

I intend to go back at a later date.  Thanks to the healer who was placed on my way.

Maureen DrouinOttawa, Ontario

Jasvinder’s Kundalini yoga classes manifest Grace on your mind, body and soul! Though a combination of postures, breathing and meditation, she can help you relieve, stress, improve your mood and gain greater strength and flexibility. Radiance, bliss and fulfillment are the hallmarks of her classes, which she leads with experience, clarity and a dash of fun.

~ Kamal Prem (Dale) Ottawa, Ontario

It is my great pleasure to highly recommend Jennifer Malisauskas as a Yoga Teacher at your institution. I first met Jennifer in 2002, when she started practicing Yoga at my studio in Montreal. Immediately she showed great enthusiasm and respect for the teachings. As time went on, it made perfect sense that she progress to become a teacher herself, at which time I hired her right away. The students instantly feel in love with her, and were mesmerized by her warm, charisma, and knowledge of Yoga. As a studio owner, Jennifer was reliable, dedicated, supportive, and felt like a member of the family.

~ Kelly McGrath Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Montreal, Quebec – www.joyofyoga.net

I could not recommend a yoga instructor more highly.  Aside from excellent technical knowledge, etc., Jennifer Jasvinder shares her shining and inspiring inner light with those around her.

~ Jessica Grenier Montreal, Quebec

I’ve had the pleasure of getting reiki treatments from Jennifer, both in person and remote. Admittedly, I was a little nervous and even skeptical at first but Jennifer has a presence that just makes me feel so welcome and valued that I had no resistance in letting go completely. Her touch is gentle but jam packed with love, I felt truly looked after. Jennifer has a way of understanding everything. Her wisdom runs so deep, and I can feel that in her touch. I do not hesitate to shout her name whenever someone is in need of some special TLC. I look forward to my next opportunity!

~ Ilaini Scholl Certified yoga teacher and graphic designer, Montreal, QC – https://www.facebook.com/ISyoga.run.montreal

Jennifer is a wonderful yoga teacher – in fact my absolute favourite. When I’ve had Reiki sessions with her, I can only say that she approaches the treatments with the same strength and open heartedness that I’ve experienced in her classes. She has a beautiful way of connecting and I’ve always felt cared for in her presence. The Reiki treatments have left me feeling alert, focused and deeply at ease – sessions that continue to resonate. I would highly recommend Jennifer’s Reiki treatments for those not only dealing with serious illness, but for many of us who have been (or are) caregivers too. Reiki is also great for animals. I’ve seen amazing results with my elderly dog when distance Reiki was used.

~ Wendy Bishop Graphic Designer, Montreal, Quebec

Je pratiquais le yoga Kripalu depuis environ trois ans lorsque dans la directrice du studio a ouvert une plage horaire pour une session de Kundalini. Quelle découverte! Une connivence s’est installée rapidement parmi les participants qui, pourtant, partaient chacun de leur côté dans leur périple méditatif. Jasvinder est fantastique! Elle nous accompagne et nous encourage. Elle sait écouter et nous fortifier. Elle partage sa passion et son enthousiasme – même à distance. Elle est très organisée et attentionnée. On rit, on souffle, on se transforme. Le Kundalini est une pratique amusante, pleine de gestuelles créatives qui repoussent les limites de l’ego, qui renouvelle la rencontre avec soi et autrui. C’est un défi auquel on aspire quotidiennement!

~ Nathalie Ricard Montreal, Quebec

I took a few kundalini classes with Jennifer (Jasvinder) when she was teaching in Montréal and each time I felt welcome in the group. She takes the time to feel the energy of the group and from each participant before starting. She teaches in a very safe way, I never felt pushed to go beyond limits, but rather discovered new possibilities. I would always leave the studio in highest spirits and sometimes feeling that I had been connecting with my true Self. Her enthusiasm made me love kundalini yoga forever and I now start every day with a 20 minutes kundalini warm up.

~ Line Larivière Montreal, Quebec

You immediately recognize Jennifer (Jasvinder) as a sincere person with a true passion for yoga and its way of life. She has a contagious energy and enthusiasm, and is committed to making the class fun – while always being mindful of the spiritual aspects of the practice. She creates an environment that is relaxing as soon as you walk in. Jasvinder is a very giving instructor who makes herself readily available and has many resources to share. We will miss her here in Montreal.

~ Melissa Arcand Montreal, Quebec