Why I think yoga and Reiki work?

They are the perfect Healthy Holistic Solution to support women during Perimenopause

Just when a woman needs to be nurtured, comforted, and reminded of her beauty and inner spirit, is often when a her body begins to rebels against her. I believe that yoga and Reiki can save a woman that this time of change called perimenopause. It can rebuild a woman’s trust with her physical, emotional and mental self, helping her ride through this transition.

The fluctuating hormones mess with your sleep making you irritable causing you see to flying off the handle, unfortunately it is aimed at the one’s closest to us. Not feeling like ourselves we of course look toward our loved one’s for support and understanding.  But are surprise that we don’t receive it. When we try and reach out because you are in this unhappy space, no one will give a hand. Our partners and children feel lost especially when they see us, who are usually so strong and steady, being weak and needy that their reaction is to get angry and frustrated with us. They think we’re going crazy which can cause them to even pull away, because they just don’t know what to do.

I believe that it’s up to a woman to take her health in her own hands. This is her journey, her rite of passage that will open the door to a healthy, satisfying and fulfilling chapter in her life. Once she takes the time for self care with Reiki, a yoga practice and relaxation techniques she will experience all the myriad of benefits it will bring. She will start to feeling better about her situation, see herself as more beautiful, the once thought difficult symptoms will become easier to manage. Once this begins to happen she will see the world around her change. Just like a mirror she will reflect on to others. The support and understanding that she desired so much before will come to her. She will attract all the beatify that she’s projecting.

I see perimenopause as a gift in disguise, it gives us a glimpse, the awake up call to take our health into our own hands, giving us these next 5 years to prepare us when menopause comes knocking on the door for real. I totally agree with what Suza Francina, author of Yoga and the Wisdom of Menopause has to say,”If you practice yoga before menopause, then all the poses that are especially useful for coping with uncomfortable symptoms are already familiar, and you can reach for them like an old friend,” she says. “If you are familiar with restorative poses, then you have the best menopause medicine at your disposal.”

My personal experience with a regular yoga practice, Reiki and mindfulness techniques has made a world of difference to dealing with my symptoms of PMS, stress, worry and perimenopause. That I am super confident that it will be this steady practice that will save my butt make it an easier transition as I enter menopause.