Divine Musings ~ April 16, 2018

This was the day that I put pen to paper and trusted what came through. I was amazed how fluid things landed on the paper, not perfect but some are delightfully interesting.


Invisible lines never to cross
Who made them you ask
Why you of course!

Trees blow the breeze by
leaves go for a ride
All land before flying through the beautiful blue sky

Come now, come now
Why are you so sad
What makes you cry
What makes you ask why, oh why
It keeps happening, or yes it does
It will only stop when you learn the lessons and the cause

Words scare me
Trouble putting then together
Afraid some will judge me
If I don’t do it their way

Jesus was once a man
Who sailed through trouble waters
How did he do it, so peaceful and calm
Was he brighter than everyone, was he rich
Was he spoiled like someone’s bitch
No he was just brave, brave to be true to himself
Never fearing to not to be loved by someone else

Am I not perfect
Perfect like a peach
Eat one and you’ll know
it’s sweet like a beach
Oh a beach, full of sand, sun and fun
Water always flowing in and out
Not caring who is about
Or why they have come
To sit, stand, and lie
It only cares to keep moving
but funny, it probably doesn’t know why