Getting Unstuck: Defense Mechanism Revealed

I journeyed to a challenging place yesterday. I went to see my Lower Self so they would reveal to me, help me understand and heal my defense mechanism I used to cope with my struggles with never having enough money.

This is an issue I rarely share with people, I pretend like everything’s OK because of my fears and limiting belief. I believed that as a self employed person I should never tell anyone that I struggle with making money. I feared that no one would want my business if they knew I was not a complete success.

The journey showed me what, why and how I got stuck.

I was shown I keep myself in a place of lack so I would be accepted by my family and friends. There was a fear of rejection as well as a deep need to be loved. I believed that if I got rich or successful I would no longer be able to be a part of my family circle. The message was stay small, ordinary and mediocre and you will be liked, loved and accepted. Don’t get too big.

All this was healed, transformed, thanked and honored for bringing me to this point but I am now ready to live out the healing and do the work.

A new mechanism was created, which I have stepped into and made part of me. I have a new set of beliefs around success and money. I am no longer afraid of rejection. I now believe the more I grow so will my circle of friends and family.

I have arrived at a place where I feel more grounded and open to be myself.

So thank you Lower Self for showing me the answers, the teachings and the profound healing.

So yes Lower Self “I will stop holding on to things”

Chi Meegwetch