How Soul loss happens and what you can do about it

Has a BIG LIFE CHANGE or CHALLENGE such as a past trauma, sudden loss, divorce or bad break up, change in your health, empty nest, losing a job, financial stress / troubles left you feeling out of sorts?

When a traumatic event happens our life gets thrown apart – parts of us (Soul Parts) scatter everywhere. When the pieces finally settle, we do our best to pick them up, put them back together and move forward. However you can still struggle with moving forward, getting back on track or feeling like yourself again.

This is WHY …

Parts of you are missing, were left behind because you didn’t get all the pieces back like you thought. So what happened to them? Some Souls parts…

  • You couldn’t find because they were lost/hidden when you were looking for them.
  • You believed some were taken from you by others.
  • You just left some behind, maybe because you didn’t think you deserved them back.
  • You didn’t have enough time to find them all because you were pushed to move forward too quickly.

 And BECAUSE of this …

  • Do you often find yourself dwelling on your past, or worrying about your future?
  • Do you feel stuck because you are afraid of getting hurt again?
  • Do you second guess yourself? Rely on others people’s opinions and advice before making decisions?
  • Do you feel overwhelming with emotions that you can’t move forward?
  • Do you struggle with living in the moment, believing in yourself and /or finding your life’s purpose?

To get UNSTUCK I believe that …

  • When we feel more centered and grounded we can get back on our path.
  • When we heal our past wounds, our stories we regain our bearings and find direction.
  • When we forgive we get unstuck and stop blaming others for our problems.
  • When we root into stable things like our gifts, values and Mother Earth we don’t get knocked over so easily.
  • When we unravel our physical, emotional, mental, energetic or spiritual issues we can heal them.
  • When we Show Up and be Present we live life with purpose, feel freer and are open to change