The Gathering Advanced Soul Retrieval Journey Session

In a Gathering Journey Session we focus on gathering and hunting for the parts of yourself that were lost and wounded (Lost Soul Parts) due to a traumatic event.

In the Journey you’ll be shown and will heal the root of cause of your issue, transform your wounded agreement into a new positive one, invite back into your life the neglected and hidden parts of yourself that you lost.

If you feel separated, scattered, disconnected and disorganized and want to feel whole again then this is the session for you!

Soul Loss happens whenever we experience trauma. After or during a traumatic event, remembered or not, a part of our vital essence (Soul) separates from us in order to cope and survive the event in order to escape the full impact of the pain.

Some key events that can cause Soul Loss are
– illness or accident
– major surgery
– not feeling loved or abandoned by a parent
– divorce, separation or break up
– death of a loved one
– living in an abusive relationship

* This Session takes about 100-120 minutes because The Gathering is a more extensive journey.


“Phrases such as “I’m beside myself,” “I was frightened to pieces,” “I feel lost,” “I feel like part of me is missing,” originated from a sense of soul loss.
~ S. Kelley Harrell